The 2016 Brochure is now available online, click here.

The Pathways to Music Program nurtures the idea of “music for everyone”. A range of music courses have been designed to promote access and inclusivity as well as providing meaningful and rigourous music education. The key characteristic of this program is to promote the love of music to all ages in addition to the development of key requisite skills and knowledge for enjoyment and musicianship.

Classes in the Pathways to Music Program occur within the normal school calendar for a total of 16 weeks per semester.

All classes will be held at:
St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School,
11 Ruthven Street,
QLD 4075.

Semester One:
6th February – 19th March, 2016
16th April – 11th June, 2016

Semester Two:
23rd July – 10th September, 2016
8th October – 26th November, 2016

The Pathways to Music program is designed to offer opportunities for everyone in our community to participate in music learning and music making. Covering the full scope of classes from pre-natal to university level, these diverse and inclusive programs have something for everyone.

Enquiries from interested members of the public are also welcome!

Participants in the Pathways to Music Program will benefit from:

  • Accreditation with the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA)
  • A choice of age-appropriate musical activities ranging from babies, toddlers, primary, high school and university students.
  • Choices in Vocal, Instrumental (piano, strings, band), Beginner to Advanced Musicianship.
  • Educator courses for Early Childhood Educators, Primary and Secondary teachers..

For further information on the Pathways to Music Program, please see the Brochure


Application for Registration for Pathways to Music Program 2016

Application may be made online at: